The Impoverished In Between Are Restless But The Fish Are At Ease

December 3rd, 2019

We talk a lot about making the world a better place.

The rich, the poor, and the impoverished in between. We wonder. We muse. We think deep thoughts and shallow ones. We strive and plan. We push. We lament. We imagine and measure. We form boards and gather committees. We strain. We stress. We meet. We exclaim! We exhaust ourselves idealizing and preparing to implementing a better someday that’s always painfully just out of reach.

We rarely, however, just do.

Few of us excuse ourselves to do that simple act that quietly helps our fellow human needing that impossible something today.

The excuse feels like a good one, perhaps even wise. After all, fish are not free or guaranteed so giving one instead of founding, fundraising, planning, and fretting over the Angling School for the Hungry that will produce would be, could be, anglers who can feed their future fishing selves ought not, must not, be prudent.

Meanwhile the netless, rodless, hookless, baitless, and hopeless not yet fishers wait the long wait for the A.S.H. to be negotiated, budgeted, fully granted, designed, permitted, constructed, and staffed.

Recognizing the heart wrenching tragedy that is the current ache in the soon to be fishers’ bellies, luncheons, symposiums, wine tastings, speeches, debates, conferences, dinners, and meetups are scheduled, held, and attended by prudent donors, planners, and altruists.

The world is being changed.

The malnourished nearly anglers wait.

The fish are at ease.

React. Gatsby. Emotion. Netlify. Otifan.