Associate Director of Marketing and Technology

Led the marketing and tech team to half a million users after surpassing first year marketing goals. Architected, designed, and helped develop the totality of Acumen Academy's tech stack using Firebase, Google Cloud, React, Gatsby, Emotion, Jest, Node.js, GraphQL, Docker etc...

Cinderhouse Creative

Senior Developer / Co-Founder

Led the marketing, engineering, and design team. Produced projects for fortune 500s and SMEs in China, Australia, England, and the US. Designed and developed nationwide campaigns using technologies such as vanilla JavasScript, React, Google Analytics, Salesforce, SASS, CSS, Semantic HTML, MongoDB, SQL, Express, Heroku, Adobe Creative Cloud etc...

The British Schools Foundation

Head of Administration

Led a staff of 19, marketing to over 350% growth in 5 years, and all non-academic management including campus construction, oversight, and contract negotiations for one of the most esteemed International schools in Nanjing, China.

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On Aluminum Foil and Hand Drawn Lines

December 13th, 2019

One of the most remarkable events in human history occurred on a quiet Saturday in August 2012. No one celebrated. No one served witness. No one received credit. It’s unlikely it would've taken place if not for the disobedience of a few stubborn dreamers.

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The Impoverished In Between Are Restless But The Fish Are At Ease

December 3rd, 2019

We wonder. We muse. We think deep thoughts and shallow ones. We strive and plan. We push. We lament. We imagine and measure. We form boards and gather committees. We strain. We stress. We meet. We exclaim! We exhaust ourselves idealizing and preparing...

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React. Gatsby. Emotion. Netlify. Otifan.